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Croatia to get direct flight to US

— 29.01.2011.

Croatia to get direct flight to US

Croatia to get direct flight to US

American aviation authorities have upped Croatian air traffic safety evaluation, allowing for establishment of direct flights between Croatia and the United States.

Croatian air carriers will be able to fly to the United States directly under an agreement that would permit them to share flights with American airlines.

Croatia Airlines and the airport in Zagreb could reach a codeshare agreement with American companies that allows passengers to purchase seats for one company's flight  operated by cooperating airline under a different code.

Minster of Transportation Bozidar Kalmeta and the American ambassador James B. Foley said the new arrangements would mean more American tourists in Croatia.

The American aviation authorities upped Croatia's air traffic safety evaluation from "2" to "1" this year, allowing for the establishment of direct flights between the two countries.

The new evaluation allows Croatia Airlines and United Airlines to activate a 2007 codeshare agreement that would link Washington, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago either directly to Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik or through other European hubs such as Amsterdam, Bruxelles, Paris, Zurich, London, Munich and Frankfurt.

This decision also enables the Zagreb airport to finish the negotiations with the charter firm North American Airlines, which plans a series of charter flights from New York to Zagreb during the summer of 2011. Zagreb airport is hoping to attract the carrier by offering fee-free landing.