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Bill Gates will donate money to Skradin area

— 13.01.2011.

 Bill Gates will donate money to Skradin area

Bill Gates will pay millions to clear land mines from Skradin area

Microsoft owner Bill Gates has decided to spend a few million dollars on removing mines from an area in southern Croatia where he spends his holidays.

Bill Gates announced that he will donate money. The exact amount is unknown, but the paper says it will run into the millions of dollars.

Bill Gates wants the area close to the southern town of Skradin to be cleared of mines. This is the area which he has been visiting for family holidays since 2004.

Bill Gates has noticed warnings 'watch out for mines' and has decided to help to de-mine the area.

Since the war for independence in Croatia from 1991 to 1995 there are still 800 square kilometres of land suspected to be dotted with land mines.


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