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World Cheese Awards for Sirana Gligora

— 20.11.2010.

World Cheese Awards for Sirana Gligora

Triple Super Gold at the World Cheese Awards for Sirana Gligora Paški Sir

As the World Cheese Awards in Birmingham announced the results at the BBC Good Food Show, no one from Sirana Gligora would have expected that Paški Sir would have made it all the way through the 2636 international cheeses to the final 14.

The morning session involved 209 internationally respected judges tasting their way through more than 40 tonnes of cheese  to decide the world best 30 and the worthy winners of Super Gold Medal, a cheese with outstanding class and distinction.

Sirana Gligora entered Paški Sir in the ‘sheep cheese cheese‘ category as well as ‘new cheese on the market‘ and ‘small producers cheese‘.  The Judges went for a well earned lunch (I can’t imagine what they ate) at 1pm and the preliminary results were out, Sirana Gligora was top of each class winning 3 Super Gold Medals and 3 places in the best 30 cheeses of the world, an outstanding result and a great testament to the cheese makers at Sirana Gligora.

When you consider the new Sirana Gligora diary was only opened in January 2010 it is even more
remarkable that such an outstanding cheese can be produced in its first year of operation.  In fact the cheese that was entered was 8 months old having been produced in March 2010, just two months after Sirana Gligora started production.  Expectations will be even higher at next years show.

After lunch a Supreme panel of 14 judges from 11 countries were assembled to re assess the 30 cheeses and decide upon the trophy winners.  An agonising wait for Sirana Gligora to see if they would make it through to the final 14 but with the odds on our side we were rightly confident as Sirana Gligora Paški Sir won the ‘Best New Cheese Trophy’ and surpassed all our initial expectations.

In the final Paški Sir was championed by the South African judge who passionately extolled the cheese and called for ‘the maker of this true artisan cheese to receive the recognition he deserves, the World Cheese Award would be good enough for this cheese’.  Truly remarkable praise for everyone involved with Sirana Gligora, the producer of this limited production artisan ewes’ milk cheese on the Island of Pag in Croatia.