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SuperHERO of the Year and the Best Mentor for 2015!

— 18.01.2016.

SuperHERO of the Year and the Best Mentor for 2015!

The end of the year is an ideal time for distinguishing and awarding the best of the best. This year we voted again and elected and awarded „DOK-ING SUPERHERO OF THE YEAR“. The criteria in this contest are DOK-ING corporate values and the manifestation of these values throughout the year. Every month we choose between applications for DOK-ING HERO in which our employees propose their colleagues or teams for a HERO of the MONTH based on a specific value that their colleagues manifested during that period. So among many heroes; Superman, Professor Balthazar,  Space Jam team, Firemen Sam etc., DOK-ING employees have chosen their DOK-ING SUPERHERO of THE YEAR, our Account Manager, Subeije Kalo – Robin Hood, our Man in Tights because he lives and shows our values every day: innovation, commitment, knowledge  and capability, responsibility and flexibility are at his core. Congratulations, Subeije, because you are our SUPERHERO of the year 2015!

That's not all folks! This year we were also searching for a person who is most committed and successful in one of the most valuable and appreciated jobs at DOK-ING- mentorship. So, we elected the „THE BEST MENTOR for 2015.“ and that is Ivan Botičkiwho always successfully and responsibly teaches others on quality control issues and more. Congratulations Ivan, you are the role model in knowledge sharing in DOK-ING, thank you!

Let the new 2016. be even more successful and the competition for DOK-ING HEROES and THE BEST MENTOR even stronger!

Once again, Happy and Successful New Year!