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Choose your yacht model, schedule date in Navis Yacht Charter

— 18.01.2016.

 Choose your yacht model, schedule date in Navis Yacht Charter

Sailing season in Croatia starts in April and ends in November.  

If you are passionate sailor we recommend to rent a vessel in 
low season. At that time winds are stronger than in high season so you usually don't need to use the engine, but only sails

How to Arrange a Yacht Charter for Your Croatia Sailing Adventure?!
First, of course, is what type of vessel you prefer to cruise in and what size you will require. Luxury motor charter yachts and cruising sailboats.
The number of cabins available can vary on boats of similar length.

Secondly, you will need to decide whether to opt for a bareboat or crewed yacht charter. 
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Navis Yacht Charter NYC ) is a company  involved in almost all aspects of charter and yacht industry.

Starting with yacht charter in Croatia, Greece, Cote'd Azur-French Riviera, Spanish Balearic islands, through  Mediterranean, Caribbean and many other breath-taking destinations, NYC is here to satisfy even the most sophisticated taste and desire for unforgatable adventure.

Choose your yacht model, schedule date and enjoy!