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Croatian partner country at the tourism fair - Munich

— 25.02.2014.

Croatian partner country at the tourism fair - Munich

On tourism fair - Munich 2014 - which was held from 19 to 23 February in Munich , this year , Croatia was a " partner country "

The event presented quality exhibitors,  the best of what Croatia can offer, with the goal of better positioning in the German tourism market .

The backbone of the exhibition at the Croatian booth was a traditional wooden boat , the real vessel reduced dimensions from the " Little School of Naval Architecture ," the company StolArt from Zagreb.

It introduced the electric car LOOX , from the company DOK-ING , electric car for the world market , still in the testing phase , but with plans for production and also electric bike that starts on human power and electricity, which representedd the company Rimac Automobili Ltd.

Topics appearances of Croatian chamber of economy was medical tourism, spa and wellness.

Presented by Naftalan Special hospital, known for its natural healing factor , naphthalene , Specialt hospital Daruvar SPA that offers a number of sports medicine and rehabilitation and Special hospital Stubica SPA that is a prominent health resort rehabilitation center provides health tourism based on thermal mineral water .
Saint Martin SPA presented as a fashionable spa resort with a superb wellness, sports and golf courses as well as offering excellent medical services, and the Tourist Board of Istria positioned itself as the region 's leading medical tourism .