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DOK-ING: International Day for Mine Awareness

— 04.04.2013.

DOK-ING: International Day for Mine Awareness

International Day for Mine Awareness

Today DOK-ING is going to present the newest addition to its robotic demining systems, a small but powerful MVS system. The promotion of the MVS system is going to be an additional event at the International Day for Mine Action and Mine Awareness organized by Croatian Mine Action Center and Croatian Government Demining Office. The event is organized in the center of Zagreb, on Cvjetni trg, 10 to 15.

Along with the DOK-ING promotion of the MVS system, the "Lend your Leg" concept is also going to be presented. This concept - asking individuals to roll up their pants leg in solidarity with landmine victims was lanuchend ba the Colombina NGO, and raised mine awareness around the world.