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KONČAR – Electrical Engineering Institute at Leipzig trade fairs

— 01.02.2013.

KONČAR – Electrical Engineering Institute at Leipzig trade fairs




1. 2. 2013 KONČAR – Electrical Engineering Institute,  in organisation of Croatian Chamber of Economy, took part in International Trade Fairs Enertec (Generation, Distribution and Storage of Energy) and TerraTec (Environmental Technologies and Services).


The Fairs took place in Leipzig from 29 to 31 January 2013, and in them KONČAR presented the autonomous power supply system for GSM base stations. 
It is an innovative product with trademark KONČAR Hybrid Box, which uses energy from wind, sun and hydrogen to provide continuous and uninterrupted power for GSM base stations. 
The hallmark of this hybrid system is energy availability exceeding 99.9%, which is very hard to achieve with renewable sources like wind or sun. Modular system of the Hybrid Box consists of three basic components: the standard photovoltaic segment, wind turbine, and an energy efficient container for storage batteries, fuel cells with hydrogen tank, system for control of sources, and IT equipment. Each of them is an autonomous product which can be arranged modularly in accordance with the consumption and climatic conditions on individual locations.

This product has been entirely developed and manufactured in Croatia as a result of many years of research and development performed by top experts and scientists.
The autonomous power supply system is another proof that KONČAR can offer in various fields innovative and advanced solutions based on its own development.

During the Croatian Day there were several presentations, including the one of the Hybrid Box, and representatives of KONČAR – Electrical Engineering Institute also took part in the Green Ventures – International Partnership Forum which was held during Leipzig Fairs from 28 to 30 January 2013.