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Koncar in Barcelona presents hybrid base station system developed for Vipnet

— 05.03.2012.

Koncar in Barcelona presents hybrid base station system developed for Vipnet

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Koncar - Electrical Engineering Institute presented a unique autonomous power supply system for base stations developed for Vipnet.

This innovative product that goes by the commercial name of KONCAR Hybrid Power Supply is powered by renewable energy sources, and for the production of electricity, in addition to sun and wind, for the time also uses fuel cells. The hybrid base station is an example of how the Croatian economy can offer innovative solutions for energy efficiency combined with business efficiency, Koncar and Vipnet informed visitors of the mobile industry's largest fair. 

The first such base station that combines wind, solar and hydrogen power, and provides a constant power supply to base stations was presented in June 2011 for the VIP network and was set up in Ladimirevci near Valpovo, followed by Novaki near Virovitica, and a third one will be set up soon. The initiative for the development of a completely environmentally friendly base station came from Vipnet, and the idea was further developed by experts from Vipnet and Koncar. The project was developed and conducted in Croatia, while the prototype was completed in under 10 months. 

With this, KONCAR has continued its ongoing development of contemporary products and solutions, based on the experience and knowledge of its own experts. The result of this development is the export of products to all continents (annually in some fifty countries), all the while taking into consideration the use of natural resources in such a manner that products and solutions from KONCAR do not disrupt the natural balance of the surroundings. 

From the outset of operations, Vipnet as environmental leader in the telecom sector has been developing environmentally friendly network power systems, which proved useful in remote and inaccessible locations. Namely, besides this hybrid system, Vipnet has in its network 50 transmitters and 13 base stations that use solar and wind energy to generate electricity to power them. 

A feature of the hybrid system is 99.9 percent energy availability, which is otherwise difficult to achieve using renewable energy sources, such as sun and wind. The system consists of three basic components, each of which is a separate product that can be modularly set up according to consumption, as well as the climate conditions of each location. The basic components are photovoltaic installations, wind turbines and energy efficient containers to accommodate batteries, fuel cells with hydrogen storage and resources management system, as well as telecommunications equipment.