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9th International Fair of Energetics, Electronics and Automation

— 27.09.2011.

9th International Fair of Energetics, Electronics and Automation

9th International Fair of Energetics, Electronics and Automation, Zagreb 27-30 September 2011

Supply of sufficient energy quantities is one of the key requirements for survival and development of the civilization. Therefore it is understandable that the economic development directly depends upon the energy supply.

Croatia is facing challenges of increased energy security and competitiveness so as to be a reliable and active European partner in the region.

Large investments into the energy sector are expected in Croatia and the region, representing both a great challenge and a great opportunity at a time of the economic crisis. Energy development can be an initiator of economic recovery enabling growth and development of new industries, new practices and knowledge.

The specialized business fair ENERGETICS will strive through its professional programme to analyze the energy sector management, the influence of energetics on the economic development, ecological aspects of the energy sector development as well as to show possible solutions based on modern scientific knowledge from Croatia and the world.

The exhibition programme of the fair will feature the offer on new technologies, devices and services, encouraging the interest of buyers for energy efficiency and rational energy management.

The fair ENERGETICS will be held on business days Tuesday-Friday EMAT- 6th International Environmental Protection, Eco-Technology and Municipal Equipment Fair and INTERPROTEX -10th International Fair for the Protection of People and Assets will take place in parallel.

In this way we are trying to combine programmes and projects in the field of energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources as well as projects in the field of safety and protection of environment, people and assets.