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Tourism in the Headlines

— 12.09.2011.

Tourism in the Headlines

The 1st UNWTO International Conference on Tourism and the Media, held in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism of Croatia, will be the first UNWTO event dedicated exclusively to the relationship between tourism and the media.

Tourism is a sector with undisputed economic, social and environmental relevance, worthy of an increased level of editorial recognition and media coverage. The media can be crucial in positioning tourism higher in the global agenda, playing a critical role in communicating its significance as a driver of economic growth, job creation and development to tourism stakeholders, other economic sectors and the general public, thus raising awareness and support for the sector.

The Conference will bring together important media figures and key tourism stakeholders, offering a platform for debates and idea exchanges on how to ensure a contextualized approach to the coverage of tourism and its socio-economic value. The Conference aims to improve media coverage of tourism issues, position the sector higher in the media agenda while providing insight into adapting tools of the 21st century to communication in tourism. The conference, which has CNN as the official media partner, will also provide a unique networking opportunity for mainstream, specialized, international and local media.

Conference official languages are English, Spanish and French.

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