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Croatia and Cyprus have the cleanest sea

— 16.06.2011.

Croatia and Cyprus have the cleanest sea

The cleanest sea water in Europe is in Cyprus and Croatia, according to a survey carried out by the European Commission and announced on Thursday and presented by Environment Commissioner Janez Potocnik. According to the report, the cleanliness of the bathing water in Europe – sea and river water is taken into account - has declined slightly in 2010. But 90 percent is still safe for swimming, and the leaders in the continent are Croatia and Cyprus.

The data for Croatia refer to the 913 beaches, from which 887 is on the coast.
On any beach in Croatia 2010th were not declared inadmissible amounts of Escherichia coli and none during the season did not have to be closed, or in the 2009th, the report said.

Immediately after Croatia in the rankings are Malta, Greece and Ireland. The worst situation is in Poland, where only 25 per cent and 16.7 per cent of the sea the river meets the most basic criteria. Rivers in Ireland, Belgium and the Netherlands are all very unsuitable for swimming.