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DOK-ING supplied Swedish army with vehicles worth 1.6 million euros

— 12.05.2011.

DOK-ING supplied Swedish army with vehicles worth 1.6 million euros

On 11 May 2011, DOK-ING has shipped 4 x MV-4 Mechanical Anti Personnel Mine Clearing Systems (MAPMCS) to the Swedish Defence Material Administration (FMV). The MV-4 MAPMCS  will be used by the Swedish Armed Forces’ (FM) Engineer Units for demining operations, but will also be used during peacetime training.

This contract worth 1.6 million euros, continues a decade of cooperation between Sweden and the DOK-ING. Specifically, these four demining machine type mini-flail MV-4 were ordered by the management of material resources of the Ministry of Defence of the Kingdom of Sweden to replace the old MV-4 machines purchased from the company DOK-ING 8 years ago.

Gunnar Endgvall - Head of land management of arms material resources of Swedish Ministry of Defence said that they were very satisfied with the ten-year cooperation and to have confidence in the DOK-ING. This is the first time I visited the factory and I must stress that I encountered on the extensive knowledge and involvement of people. Not only that here we get great products, but also excellent service - hard Endgvall.

MV Series Demining Machines are designed and manufactured for the clearance of various areas infested with mines and UXOs. Due to its small dimensions and maneuverability, a MV-4 machine is suitable for clearing areas around houses, woods, tracks, river banks and terrains.
More than 150 MV-4s have been used to clean mine infested areas in more than 20 world countries. Besides Croatia and neighbouringSerbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina these demining machines are in operation in Libya, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Sri Lanka, Columbia, Nicaragua, USA, Ireland, Greece, Italy, Sweden, Sudan, Angola and DRC.