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21st International Printing and Paper Industry Fair INTERGRAFIKA

— 01.06.2011.

21st International Printing and Paper Industry Fair INTERGRAFIKA

The International Printing and Paper Industry Fair INTERGRAFIKA is the regional show of the latest world technology achievements in the printing industry as well as paper finishing and processing industry.

The fact that the printing industry accounts for 8.93% in the Croatian GNP of industrial production and provides work for 6.81% of all people employed in the processing industry confirms its significance for the economy.

INTERGRAFIKA is a biennial fair bringing together the leading world manufacturers of the machines, devices and the equipment for the printing, paper and cardboard industry, auxiliary materials and finished products.

Over the years, this specialized fair has shown that it has important prospects for this part of Europe and that it encourages development of the IT, publishing, printing and paper industry as well as the overall entrepreneurship in this branch of the economy.

Beside the exhibition part, INTERGRAFIKA will offer a rich programme of professional and accompanying events to be attended by experts from the country and abroad and by exhibitors in order to exchange their knowledge and experience. The traditional presentation of awards to exhibitors for their successful participation will take place this year as well.

The novelty of this year's fair is the Career day - a meeting of job offerers and all those interested in a career in the printing or packaging industry.

On the evening of the third Fair day  in co-organization with the company GRAFIK.NET PARTY will take place, bringing together all this year's exhibitors, printing and packaging industry experts and professional programme participants.

Notwithstanding the rapid development of marketing media and other modern forms of business communications the trade fairs today are becoming more and more significant for the entire business communications and thus have good prospects.

The fairs will remain the competent venue to present business possibilities of exhibitors - new technologies and trends, to compare with the competition and to secure trade visits from the region.

Personal "face-to-face" contact is still irreplaceable because it enables us to see, compare, evaluate and get feedback on the product or a service, all at the same time.

A guarantee of your successful participation at the fair is a timely designed and prepared appearance with good promotional materials, professional staff and an attractively arranged exhibition space for the presentation of your products and services.

Within the same term, we organize Modernpak, the International Packing Materials and Packing Technology Fair.

The combination of these compatible economic branches will surely contribute to a quality trade fair offer and a high level of business efficiency to the satisfaction of all participants from the field of printing industry, packaging, packing and business gifts.


  • present products and services to potential partners
  • get the latest insights into novelties and trends
  • compare products and services of other exhibitors
  • achieve direct contact with producers, distributors and buyers
  • connect with the regional markets
  • attend quality professional programme
  • come and see … and be seen…