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Cooperation between companies DOK-ING and as2con

— 27.04.2011.

Cooperation between companies DOK-ING and as2con

Cooperation between companies DOK-ING and as2con aims to increase the safety of XD car

DOK-ING, a company who introduced XD electric car to the world market, involved Croatian company as2con to improve the safety of the first Croatian electric car. The cooperation between these two successful Croatian companies started in February 2010 and represents an excellent example of joining the production industry with a team of young professionals who can contribute to the final product improvement by using scientific methods.

To be more precise, as2con is involved in the development phase by working on improvements of the front bumper‘s crashworthiness. The analysis is performed by using non-linear finite element simulations of a car collision as well as testing  various bumper's materials. The results of this analysis provide support to the designer when redesigning the bumper with the aim of increasing the energy absorption during a crash.

as2con is a research, development and applications company, providing engineering and marketing solutions in transport and construction industries. Activities initiated in 2003, when the company was set up by a group of researchers with vigour for challenges, advancements in science, business and technology. Currently 30 highly skilled employers work in the field of engineering and economics.

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