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as2con among Top 4 in “The Economist” challenge

— 23.03.2011.

as2con among Top 4 in “The Economist” challenge

A true Service Yard: “New Business Model for Shipyards to Advance from the ‘Subsidised’ Model“ entered the final round, among the Top 4 innovative ideas on "The Economist–InnoCentive” Entrepreneurship Challenge.
The main characteristic of the proposed model is reflected through the change in the business focus. Shipyards having a  new “service-oriented” focus would enable greater competitiveness and sustainability when compared to their existing focus.
The final results will be announced at the upcoming "The Ideas Economy: Innovation" conference which will be held at The Hass School of Business, University of California at Berkeley, from 23-24 March 2011. Top finalists will defend their ideas  based on the Dragons´ Den reality TV show model for innovative business ideas.

as2con - alveus ltd. is a research, development and application company, providing engineering and marketing solutions in transport and construction industries. as2con initiated activities in 2003, when it was set up by a group of researchers with vigour for challenges, advancements in science, business and technology.


as2con's mission is to:

  • provide optimal solutions through application of the state-of-the-art methods and tools
  • provide services in development of sustainable technologies: in their market implementation with the outmost quality and desire for long-term relationships and co-creation of value with clients
  • establish and support creation of new knowledge and technology