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About Cro offer

Economic portal is a database of active business entities divided according to the categories of their performed activities. is also a portal that brings economy and business news, follows fairs and business meetings, reports on all events that have an impact on activities on the market, particularly promoting successful companies, products and services they offer.

The Portal also represents small and medium-sized companies that wish for their products and services to be known on the market, as well as the largest and most successful companies that by their dominant presence on our portal confirm their rating and position as leaders of the economy.

Gathering information through the Internet in order for potential customers to become more familiar with products or services of interest to them, and in order for them to find out where they can find these products and services, which companies offer the said services and view their web sites, is the first and one of the crucial steps related to each purchase.

Visitors often view the Portal target through the Google search engine, which makes them potential customers, or potential business partners of our clients who have presented their business activities on the Portal. We have achieved that through excellent Google optimization of our content, as well as through the positioning of keywords related to the operations of our clients and content that is fully focused on obtaining useful business information.

Our entire portal exists in the domain of where we promote all of our clients, their products and services in Croatian, with the purpose of uniting the offer in one place so that information can be efficiently placed on foreign markets.

It should be pointed out that starting from 2008 Cro-ponuda was the first project in Croatia which provided these features, and due to innovative solutions, earned support from all government departments responsible for economy and international cooperation. It is therefore possible to conclude that the advantages of Cro-ponuda aren't advantages for its moderators, but solutions for your business.