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Slastičarnica VINCEK, Zagreb

  • Address: Zvonimirova 7
  • City: Zagreb
  • Postal code: 10000
  • Phone: +385 1 4833 612
  • Fax: +385 1 4831 294
  • Owner: Stjepan i Ankica Vincek
  • Contact person: Andrijana Vincek Tuk
  • Services:

    Cake shop

  • Magical World of Pastry

    When we were children, we all dreamt about having the house made out of sweets. But only a few had the opportunity to actually build it and open its door to everyone.
    The Vincek family was one of the lucky ones. We are a 30-year-old family company that has changed the picture of pastry world in Zagreb.
    We were the first ones to offer Zagreb kremsnita (cream cake) with natural whipped cream and high-quality chocolate.
    We have been attracting gourmands for decades with our traditionally made pastries, 40 different kinds of ice cream, delicious cakes made out of fresh and high-quality ingredients. The family Vincek does not want to betray your trust.
    We will keep on offering all those famous traditional products that you like so much, but at the same time, we will also produce new, sweet pastries that we hope you will also enjoy.