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Jaškapack d.o.o, Sesvete

  • Address: Savska cesta 1
  • City: Sesvete
  • Postal code: 10360
  • Phone: +385 1 2007 834
  • Fax: +385 1 2007 835
  • CEO: Zoran Jaška
  • Contact person: Mario Čulo
  • Services:

    The factory the corrugated cardboard and packaging


    Jaškapack d.o.o., transport packaging plant, was founded at the end of December, 1989.

    In its first business years, company traded only with corrugated cardboard packaging and paper products.

    After the completion of the first phase of building of our production and business centre in the industrial district in Sesvete, we have expanded our business operations and we started producing corrugated cardboard packaging from corrugated cardboard sheets, we were buying from the Croatian and foreign markets.

    We have been constantly investing in the expansion of our business and production facilities as well as in the upgrading our packaging production equipment and in the beginning of the year of 2000 we launched a line for the production of corrugated cardboard.

    At the moment, Jaškapack has 110 employees, and the production is organized in shifts.

    We own our own freight vehicles - 15 trailer trucks, so that the finished packaging is mostly sold CIF warehouse purchaser.