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Di Klana d.d., Klana

  • Address: Klana 264
  • City: Klana
  • Postal code: 51217
  • Phone: +385 51 808 232
  • Fax: +385 51 808 150
  • CEO: Miladin Marković
  • Contact person: Mira Kulušić
  • Services:

    Manufacture of wooden chairs

  • Wood industry Klana, is one of the largest chair factories in this part of Europe. Suitable location in woodland - the green heart of the Croatian - on the very edge of Gorski Kotar is predestined its path and successful development even 100 years ago, when in 1911. at that point was established sawmill.
    Today it is one of the few, specialized manufacturers of more than 100 models of wooden chair adaptable to every interior.


    What characterizes DI Klana is the fact that all the raw material, about 30 000 of beech and oak 500 cubic meters of logs turned into about a million upholstered, straw or entirely of wooden chairs. According to the Croatian Chamber of Economy in the Klana produced more than 50 percent of domestic production of chair. DI Klana in the Croatian wood industry is specific in that it specializes exclusively in the production chair, and the fact that all the raw material- logs are transformed into the final product.
    We offer::

    • Rustic chairs
    • Daily chairs
    • Modern design chairs

    In almost one-hundred percent, or 97 percent of DI Klana products are exported. The largest part of production, 60 percent goes to French, 25 percent of German and 10 percent of the Italian market.
    DI Klana currently employs 420 workers, and it is important to mention that it\'s one of the few manufacturers, who in these times of crisis is constantly recruiting new workers.
    In recent years DI Klana operating more successfully, is continually growing and determined position in the European market.
    The company has FSC certification and ISO 9001:2008.