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Klima Buhin, Zagreb

  • Address: Maksimirska 11
  • City: Zagreb
  • Postal code: 10000
  • Phone: +385 1 2300 096
  • Fax: +385 1 2345 918
  • Services:

    Air conditioning, heating and refrigeration

  • 38 years of successful business

    We were established on December 15th 1977, as a small workshop for the repair of household appliances and cooling equipment. A couple of years later we became authorized installers and service for the company \"TVT Boris Kidrič,\" one of the few local manufacturers of window and cabinet air conditioners of that time.

    During the eighties we began to cooperate with foreign manufacturers of air conditioning equipment, and in 1988 we became authorized distributors, installers and service for \"Toshiba\" air conditioners. After 15 years of successful cooperation, due to disorderly relationships in the market, in early 2003 our interest to cooperate with the aforementioned company ceased.

    In the meantime, in 1996, we start the cooperation with the firm \"Daikin\" with authorization to import, distribute, install and service their complete assortment, which is very extensive and demanding. Devices of Japanese manufacturer \"Daikin\" are the most professional and quality air conditioning equipment in the world and with the constant innovations, they hold that the primacy for more than 15 years.
    Our staff is trained in the school center of equipment manufacturer, as the technology becomes more and more demanding every day, so we invest in the knowledge of our staff. Annually we hold two or three seminars for installers, service and technical support, which enables knowledge of new products for employees of commercial service.
    Our employees, there are currently 14, are very professional, conscientious and reliable staff. Shared commitment, and above all, top quality performance of works and managing of the company, we procured the ISO 9001:2000 certificate.
    Klima Buhin is one of the few companies in Croatia in our branch of activity (sales, installation and servicing of air conditioning equipment) that can be proud of the high standard of quality. Audit of our company and the certification of the quality were made by the well known German certification house RWTÜV Systems GmbH from Essen.
    Our quality is also confirmed by our reference list of facilities across
    the country.