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Solana Nin d.o.o., Nin

  • Address: Ilirska cesta 7
  • City: Nin
  • Postal code: 23232
  • Country: Croatia
  • Phone: + 385 23 264 021
  • Fax: + 385 23 265 093
  • CEO - Damir Oštrić
  • Prodaja - Tatjana Gulan
  • Services:

    Salt Museum, ornithological park and salt production for industry, nutrition and wellness

  • The Nin Saltworks is one of the rare saltworks to produce salt in the traditional, natural and ecological manner; by using the energy of the sun and the wind, the sea evaporates in vast evaporating pans. Clean environment, specific climate conditions with many hours of sun and a favourable wind, as well as an excellent geographic position ensure that the Nin Saltworks salt is of top quality on a global scale. A wide range of quality Nin salt products is strengthened by a higher concentration of natural iodine due to an alga (petula) inhabiting the seawater.

    The Nin Saltworks natural and environment-friendly production goes through five stages. The first four are the evaporation stages, while the fifth one is crystallization, where thickened seawater or brine (salamura) goes from being liquid to being solid.

    8 mm of water must evaporate to obtain 1 mm of salt. The salt is collected repeatedly in the Nin Saltworks, and the first "harvest" is carried out when a layer of sea salt 15-20 mm thick is created. Before the "harvest" the brine is released so that the salt is strained, that is, to become dry. When salt is amassed into piles, it is left to dry for a short while, and then it is transported into storage house.

    The average output of sea salt in the Nin Saltworks over the last 10 years is 3200 t. Sea salt production is aided by high temperatures and winds, especially dry sirocco and mistral and light bora. The "harvesting" season lasts on average 63 days during spring, summer and early autumn.

    In the Nin Saltworks product range you can find cooking salt, food, textile and other industries salt and road salt.