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MISAL - Pjenušci Peršurić d.o.o., Višnjan

  • Address: Pršurići 5a
  • City: Višnjan
  • Postal code: 52463
  • Phone: + 385 52 431 586
  • Fax: + 385 52 428 438
  • Cell: + 385 98 226 881, 098 1957 037
  • CEO: Katarina Peršurić-Bernobić
  • Services:

    Natural sparkling wines

  • Following centuries-old wine-growing and wine-making tradition of our family, we started in the Nineties the production of natural sparkling wines in modest circumstances in the village Peršurići close by Poreč. With lots of love and wish for success, gathered knowledge and necessary conditions, at the beginning the production was of limited scope with total hundred bottles of only one sort of sparkling wine. 

    Creating the recognizable name of MISAL over the years, today we may proudly say that we are one of the largest producers of natural sparkling vines in Croatia. The annual production increased several times over, so we now produce and bottle about 40 thousand bottles of sparkling vine yearly. Endeavoring to satisfy everyone's tastes and wishes we enriched our product assortment with as many as six various natural sparkling wines. 

    The assortment includes: Misal Prestige, Misal Blanc de blanc, Misal Millennium, Misal Noir, Misal Rose, Misal Rouge, Misal Istra- brut, Misal Royal-brut, Misal Amor-demi sec.