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Turistička zajednica općine Perušić, Perušić

  • Address: Trg popa Marka Mesića 2
  • City: Perušić
  • Postal code: 53202
  • Phone: + 385 53 679 495
  • Fax: 385 53 679 140
  • Predsjednik: Ivica Turić
  • Contact person: Nada Marjanović
  • Services:

    Tourist board of Perušić district

  • The district of Perušić is situated in the hearth of Lika, surrounded by the natural and cultural richness of Lika-Senj county. 
    Perušić is ideal for relaxing and recreational vacation , in a distance of 50 km from Perusic are some of the most atractive locations in Croatia such as : National Parks North Velebit , Paklenica, Plitvice Lakes , Gacka Valley , and Adriatic Sea . Perušić is very well connected , through it A1 Zagreb - Split , and D50 road .

    Natural and cultural resources in the area of Perušić are endless; Perušić old town, church of Holy Cross, an ethnological collection, Kosinj bridge, written stone, Kosinj printing, cave park Grabovača, Kosinj valleys, river Lika-second longest underground in Europe, lake Kruščica, originally rural village Kaluđerovac...

    The Kosinj subregion is in many ways an interesting and unique area, that captures every chance traveler with its true beauty, ungrazed by industrialization and big roads.. The valley is totally free from pollution , it is clean, glittering in its natural glow. The Kosinj valley is full of miraculously beautiful caves, pot-holes and karst valley, numerous water- wells, pools, springs, and this truly preserved and interesting natural environment is ihabited by a great number of plant and animal species; just to mention the indigenous grape-vines, flax, cornelian cherry, minnow, otter, olm and many others.

    Cave park Grabovača the only cave park in Croatia, on park area are six caves and one cave. Park works throughout whole year, during spring, summer and fall of 9-20 hours, and during the winter months by appointment in the administration of the park. The park is located almost in the heart of Perusić - It is only 2.5 km from the town center.

    Like Gastronomy reflects living in the forested highlands and pastures, is characterized by simplicity (cooking and baking over an open fire) daily meals include continental products; polenta, corn, potatoes, sauerkraut, beans, goat and cow milk and delicious cheeses, meat( lamb, mutton, pork and venison). This area is also rich with mushrooms and wild herbs, but there is a strong and excellent brandies, brandies made from forest fruits, or mixed with honey.

    Day of the traditional culture is the name of the event to be held in November, it promotes the cultural heritage and customs, and contributes to the positioning of Perušić as a tourist destination that is certainly worth to visit.

    Accommodation in Perušić is organized through privatefamilyhouses and apartments,which willprovide you with apleasant atmosphere of Likaandis idealfor complete relaxation.