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Poliklinika Ćepulić, Zagreb

  • Address: Kačićeva 15 a
  • City: Zagreb
  • Postal code: 10000
  • Phone: +385 1 4826 014
  • Fax: +385 1 4826 017
  • CEO: Egidio Ćepulić, primarius,
  • Services:

    Oncology and internal medicine

  • Polyclinic Ćepulić perform inspections and consultation of cancer patients. Quality approach and partnership with the patient in the 38-year experience in oncology.

    Dr. Ćepulić is particularly concerned with the problem of diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer and other breast diseases and in this sense, we do clinical examination, mammography, galactography, ultrasound examination and breast FNA under ultrasound.

    With urinary tract tumors and 
    prostate tumors Dr. Ćepulić deals since 1979. when he introduced the technique of radiation.
    Other areas of oncology, he deals with are g
    astroenterology cancers (stomach, colon, pancreas, etc.) and lung tumors.

    With chemotherapy Dr. Ćepulić deals since 1980. and after leaving the Department of Obstetrics and chemotherapy continue to apply it in his private practice and polyclinic.

    For 11 years with Dr. Ćepulić in the Clinic is Ms. Sanja Korda, a nurse with much experience in treating patients who receive chemotherapy as well as terminal cancer patients.

    About Dr. Ćepulić:

    Prim. MSc E. Ćepulić, MD, began his specialization 1972nd in KBC Zagreb, Department of Radiotherapy and Oncology. During specialization, he worked one year in one of Europe's most famous cancer institution-Christie Hospital in Manchester (UK) where he completed postgraduate studies in radiotherapy and clinical oncology.
    After completing specialty 1975th in 1976. he starts to work in then newly opened center for gynecological cancer in the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics Hospital Centre Zagreb, where since 1980. he is
    intensive engage in chemotherapy.
    That same year he was also on additional training in the field of brachytherapy at the Institute Gustave ROUSSY in Villejuif (France).
    Since 1988. he was on Head of chemotherapy, and since 1991. Head of the Department of Radiotherapy at the University Hospital.
    While working at the Department of Obstetrics was a consultant to the Department of Urology, in hospital SVETI DUH and Mercury hospital and the Military Hospital and oncology department of Children's Hospital in Zagreb (Klaićeva).
    In 1995. for moral and ethical reasons he
    left the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and first opens Specialist Oncology clinic and then founded and Polyclinic Ćepulić Ltd.
    Since 1995. until 2003. was a consultant at the Clinic for Tumors in Zagreb.
    In year 2009. became director of the clinic Nemetova which left in 2010. and continues to work in the Clinic Ćepulić.

    Master's degree in 1980. The title of a "primarius" acquired 1986th He has published 46 articles in the field of oncology and has published 14 book chapters and textbooks in the field of gynecology, urology and oncology children. He has participated in numerous courses and Congress of the homeland and abroad and on the 10th graduate courses abroad.

    Dr. Ćepulić is one of the first physicians who became involved in breast ultrasound examination (1977).. He was a lecturer at the graduate level, "Ultrasound in clinical medicine," Medicine in Zageb to 2001. year.
    Since 1984. until 2009. works as a lecturer and senior lecturer at the Medical college in Zagreb in the subject Radiotrepija and oncology.
    He actively participated in the Croatian doctor's Association (CMA) and was secretary of the President of the Croatian Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology and president of the Zagreb branch CMA. Honorary member of the CMA.

    In 1995. was elected president of the Croatian Medical Chamber (LVH), and this duty performed until 2003. Since then a member of the Executive Board of LVH.

    He speaks English, German, French and Slovenian.