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PZ Vinarija Dingač, Potomje

  • Address: Potomje 3
  • City: Potomje
  • Postal code: 20244
  • Phone: + 385 20 742 010
  • Fax: + 385 20 742 019
  • CEO: Anto Martinović
  • Contact person: Marin Lelas
  • Services:

    Agricultural cooperatives and wineries

  • Dingač agricultural cooperative and winery is established in 1902. year, and its headquarters is located in Potomje on the peninsula Pelješac. Association has 330 members. Nurtured and developed the current production of top quality and the world famous wine Dingač, and its range also offers high-quality wine and quality wine Pelješac and Plavac.

    Inaccessible southern slopes of the Peljesac peninsula even in ancient times adorned vineyards, and historians note that the wine from that region still harbored the emperor Diocletian. Sunbathed sort Plavac Mali bore excellent wines Dingač and Postup, which won the impressive power and beauty of color, bouquet and taste. Dingač the most famous site in the Adriatic, on the steep slopes of the Peljesac peninsula, where indigenous Plavac gives the best results. These vineyards were triple insulation, on which the sun's rays fall vertically almost an entire day, a light and heat reflection are increased sea surface and stone environment. The trademark symbol is the donkey and which for centuries has helped agricultural workers in the processing and transport of grape vineyards and wineries in Dingač Potomje.

       Dingač - premium wine,
    barrigue and archive wine
       Postup - premium wine and archive wine
       Plavac - quality wine
       Pelječac - quality wine