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Šestan-Busch d.o.o., Prelog

  • Address: Industrijska zona 3
  • City: Prelog
  • Postal code: 40323
  • Phone: +385 40 646 330
  • Fax: +385 40 646 300
  • CEO: Alojzije Šestan
  • Contact person: Alojzije Šestan
  • Services:

    Production of military equipment

  • Company ŠESTAN-BUSCH d.o.o. Prelog was created based on a long successful cooperation between companies KOPLAST-ŠESTAN d.o.o. PRELOG and Croatia and BUSCG GmbH Security Systems GÜTERSLOH, Germany.

    The company ŠESTAN-BUSCH manufactures line of plastic products and also composite products.
    In the field of military equipment the company produces ballistic protection devices, biological - chemical protection products, plastic parts and others
    ŠESTAN-BUSCH is a modern private company and the manufacture is under continual control of the company’s experts trained for specified-purpose production and under the external control of export partners, according to ISO 9002 standard. The company has the constant cooperation concerning the development of new materials with well known institutes from Croatia, Germany, Italy, U.S.A., Spain and other countries.
    ŠESTAN-BUSCH has their own experts on disposal, as well as modern technologies, which are in compliance with complex demands of military equipment production. The company products reach and surpass the top of world quality of military production and above all it is important to mention:

    • combat composite helmets which are off high protection level- V50 over 700 m/s.
    • personal decontamination kit UPOD M1 and M2,
    • different technical items from plastic materials for special purposes.

    ŠESTAN-BUSCH continually follows and takes part in developing new materials, new researches concerning protection; also concerning comfort and design of riot helmets and other products. In developing process there are new protection helmets for riot armoured vehicle and piloting helmets, also some other new products which are necessary in protection of modern soldiers, sportsmen and men.

    Business policy of the Šestan-Busch company is not a sell and forget policy, but it is a policy which takes care of the functionality during use, replacement of damaged parts, and offers a complete service for sold or delivered assets.

    This year, here in the premises of the company Šestan-Busch in Croatia, we will open a service center for protective masks for Croatia and this part of Europe.

    Company Šestan-Busch d.o.o. PRELOG is at this point, the world leader in the production of ballistic combat helmets. Company Šestan-Busch d.o.o. PRELOG is not the largest producer in the world, but the products are the best helmets in the world.

    Company Šestan-Busch d.o.o. PRELOG is delivering it\'s products to over 40 countries around the world from USA, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Colombia, Malaysia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, Russia, Mexico, Taiwan, Hungary, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Spain, etc.

    Company Šestan-Busch d.o.o. PRELOG won several awards and recognitions as follows:

    • "Zlatna kuna" award from the Croatian Chamber of Commerce for Međimurje in 2000
    • "Zlatna kuna" award from the Croatian Chamber of Commerce in 2005 and 2006, in the national category of small businesses
    • Recognition of the Ministry of Economy, Labor and Entrepreneurship in 2006 as the best small business in Croatia, and director and co-owner of the company Šestan-Busch, Mr. Alojzije Šestan was declared the manager of the year in 2001.
    • The best small businessman in 2006th Ministry of Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship
    • 'Zrinski ' award from the Croatian Chamber of Commerce for Međimurje 2009th
    • Golden Key for Best exporters to the United Arab Emirates 2010th
    • Status Croatian Gazelles International Festival of Chamber of Commerce trading company best bit 2011th 
    • The Lifetime Achievement Award HUM-CROMA 2011 Mr. Alojzije Sestan 
    • "Zlatna kuna" award from the Croatian Chamber of Economy in the category of small businesses in 2011.